PERMAPARK identity

branding and illustration for eco-architectural park and camp

In this case, we needed to combine several types of activities. We are not only involved in the creation and design of the eco-architectural park itself, but also in charge of visual communication. Being inside the project, we simultaneously look outside and try to convey the unique atmosphere of local nature and authentic design environment.

Creative direction, design supervision: Maria Massouh
Graphic design, style, illustration, visualisation: Anton Semenov

Permapark is a unique concept – a synthesis of organic and landscape design, permaculture, social impact and creative vision. We are a big part of the team, and we are there to make the space comfortable and aesthetic. Our goal is to find a sustainable balance between wild nature and human activities, without harming both.

The contour lines of the land became the visual and meaningful basis for the project logo.

The color palette was formed as a reflection of those colours that prevail in the landscape and in the architectural image of the project. We've put bright accents and also included a pale version for the future promo materials and presentations.

We've also created an attractive icon set, based on the brand colours. It is used for the official Instagram account and landing page of the project.