public space design

Coop Studio is a concept of an open-air art studio and friendly coffee shop, that attracts dreamers and all people with a strong creative core. It is a place for master-classes and performances, drawing and playing live music. Our goal was to make attractive atmosphere and healing habitat for those, who have deep interest for self-research and exploring new edges of life, work and creative process.

Team: Maria Massouh, Kirill Pantyashin, Alexander Ilyukhin, Bair Buyanzhargalov, Alex Golub', Anton Semenov.

Photography: Maria Massouh, Anna Prytkova, Anton Semenov

The egg-shaped house of Coop Studio was designed and built up by our team following the principles of D.I.Y. and organic architecture. Our goal was to refine and fill up with creative energy an empty and unattractive area, located on the territory of the mountain resort Rosa Khutor (Russia, Sochi). It was far from main social activities, but prospective for people that would love to stay away from noise, drink nice coffee and dive into creative master-classes, events and nice music.

We've designed a futuristic egg-shaped framework that could be assembled piece-by-piece as a constructor. It was fully modelled via 3D and then printed (sliced) using computer numerical control. We used moisture resistant plywood and metal connectors, specially designed for this project.

For the cover we produced a plastic protector. For the furniture we used all recycle materials that were locally available: wooden pallets, bamboo, ropes, textile, plywood. Our aim was to make the process easy and affordable.

The weather in this region is quite challenging: it is cold and snowy in winter, extremely hot in summer, wet and windy in rainy season. So we were to create a very resistant, but lightweight construction. The deadlines were tough: it took us 123 days to make everything ready, including production, insulation, interiors and furniture design.

Coop Studio has not only become one of the most attractive street objects, but also played an important social role for locals in Krasnaya Polyana and Sochi. We have formed a strong creative community, welcomed teenagers coming after school to play music and draw, became a significant place for young musicians, street artists and performers. Our atmosphere was open for people of different background and age.

During two years (2016-2018) we’ve been also teaching and sharing our knowledge. On the workshops we apply our unique edutainment method, which is based on synthesis of practical arts and psychology. Our aim is to discover creative abilities within a person, encouraging to apply design-thinking to any field of life.