branding and illustration for a fast-food restaurant

Creative direction, illustration: Maria Massouh
Graphic design: Anton Semenov

This friendly local burger restaurant in Krasnaya Polyana (Sochi) needed a new visual concept, based on the personal story of the founders. They are a family, who always dreamed to create a unique vintage atmosphere in their cafe. We suggested the idea of simple graphic drawing style and the family portrait as the main image for the logo and promo materials.

So we started with lots of drafts, looking for unique visual objects that can be used for patterns, icons and stickers. Also we adapted fonts, making them both crafty and readable, which is demanded in a fast-food cafe, so that people are able to quickly read the menu.

Our goal was to make things simple, but recognisable. We didn't want to distract attention of guests, involving them into decor too much. But at the same time we managed to make Burger Mafia memorisable from the first visit.

We paid special attention to the design of the takeaway cups, as this is an item that people often see outside the cafe.

That's how our design looks like in a real space: