wall painting

We needed to make an eye-catching mural, hiding a rough technical building. It is based right by the entrance of the campsite, welcoming people coming in. So it had to be attractive, funny, well integrated, and inspire to stop and think for a moment.

Team: Maria Massouh, Anna Mosina, Ding Hu, Anton Semenov, Kirill Pantyashin

The peaceful forest area surrounding this place inspired us to use asian-style visual references and Miyazaki aesthetics. So we have chosen a work of a modern artist Ding Hu. His illustration called "A Frog and his Son" became the main character of the mural. Our idea was to make it popping up out of pixelated wall, as if he was a vintage part of the modern digital world. So we settled a colour palette, prepared the wall and made the mural drawing.