public space & environment design

Permapark is a unique space that unites organic architecture, permaculture landscape design and creative residency. In this project we experiment, gaining a new synthesis of necessary aspects of sustainable life: beautiful wild nature, modern technologies, comfort, arts, culture, craft work, supportive environment, physical activities, retreat, education and entertainment. Our interdisciplinary team and approach have proved itself as productive and having high potential of growth as a lifestyle concept. We attract like-minded people — creatives, entrepreneurs, digital nomads, scientists and artists, who seek out the habitat that would develop human potential and new abilities. 

Team: Kirill Pantyashin, Maria Massouh, Anton Semenov, Alexander Bukin, Valeria Bukina, Ilya Bukin, Vladimir Abramov, Ivan Mironov, Alex Golub’, Martin Kauz, Alexander Ilykhin, Anna Okladnikova

Let’s dive into 7 major parts that will explain the idea of Permapark more clear. 


In 2017 we found this remote land in the south of Russia (Sochi). Our team was united by the general idea of building up a place for life, work and creative freedom. We wanted to experiment with new architectural and design forms, providing structure for comfort in the wilderness. Being the creative professionals ourselves we know how hard it is — to find a place that would naturally inspire you for introspection, but wouldn’t cut you off civilisation. So after a deep research it turned out that this land has a great potential: almost 2 hectares territory, 8 microclimate zones, clean water, hills, old forest, 300 types of plants and beautiful surroundings. The area is far from touristic crowd, but just 30 min away by car from the most developed places of the region (exactly between the sea and the mountains). 


How to find a perfect balance between nature and human activities, without harming both? This is what we’ve been questioning ever after. So we’ve applied interdisciplinary approach to find the answer. Our team includes engineers, designers, architects, craftsmen, permaculture developers, culture and art specialists. We all wanted to set up a new philosophy of life and environment design, that would make social impact and have a strong business potential.


The foundation of our landscape project is the so-called permaculture (or permanent agriculture), based on the principles of natural ecosystems.

Driven by this knowledge we zoned the tiered land without changing natural forms, dug up and strengthened ponds to fill up the dry hill with water, cured damaged trees and plants (and regularly add new ones), organised disposal of organic waste, formed up a fruitful garden. Now Permapark ecosystem is sustainable and self-regulated. 


Our unique style was born at the intersection of pure organic forms, Eastern philosophy, Western technologies and individual ideas of each team member. 

We started with the most difficult part: how to insert our buildings and public zones without harming trees, plants and even its roots? So we projected a system of soaring podiums, made of iron framework and woods. All podiums are connected between each other with paths, that lead people to different sectors of the park. These roads were built up exactly where the wild animals have been treading before, so it’s intuitively easy to walk the right path.

Each podium has its own purpose and became a foundation for different zones: lecture space, open cinema and scene, banya, yoga and meditation spot, kitchen, WC, wood workshop, co-working, bungalows, tents, egg-shaped domes, hearth and top viewpoint. As you can see we totally refused to build up multi-storey objects and focused on cozy isolated single-level buildings. This allows people to have more privacy and reduces the production and service load.

Our bungalow cab called Octobase is a result of deep research and several creative experiments. We wanted it to be simple and original, made of local materials, fresh in summer time and warm in mid-season. This unique house has 8 walls, cosmic round windows and amazing sunny roof light. The visitors have everything they need there, including high-speed Wi-Fi and electricity, warm bed and wardrobe. 

Each bungalow has its own visual imagery. We created patterns and produced textile for bed covers and curtains, designed and made up craft furniture and interiors.

Permapark design is full of handmade up-cycle and re-cycle objects.

The core of our creative space is a big transformable public zone, which consists of the open kitchen and dining room, co-working, workshop and cinema area, sauna (banya) and leisure zone.

We designed kitchen as a comfortable place where our guests can cook for themselves on a daily basis. Sometimes it is used by professional cooks and for culinary master-classes. The kitchen was also literally inserted into a complicated tiered land without levelling the ground. The roof is made of glass, so we can see the sun rays and trees during the day. 

One of the most attractive objects of Permapark is banya (traditional Russian sauna). Its dome construction is hand made of larch. There is also a basin with spring water, made of local stone. Here the guests can relax, take a steam bath and jump into cold water.

This is the egg-house, also called as Coop Studio or Coop Dome. We designed it in 2016 as a form of a public space and then continued experimenting, applying this form to daily life. 

This is a comfy place for unusual life without angles. Inside it has everything you need: kitchen, small living room, upper floor bedroom, bathroom and wardrobe. 


Here you can see how we applied this idea for the art-cafe and street art studio.


Geographically we’ve settled Permapark far from main human activities, but it is very important for us to stay socially involved and attract our target audience. From the beginning we’ve been developing the concept of a co-working and co-living camp for our guests and friends of the project. Our space is perfect for remote digital work, creative workshops and practical seminars, drawing, playing live music, filmmaking and photo shoots, recording tracks and writing in a peaceful atmosphere. People come here both as individuals and in teams. We share our knowledge in design, permaculture and arts on our annual workshops.


Permapark is a place of power for artists, which means that here creative people do their projects, meet each other and collaborate. Our goal is to provide them with a sustainable foundation for artistic work and peaceful retreat. We support music events, festivals, fresh ideas, theatre and performative experiments, and unusual view at the ordinary things. 


To cut it short: we love and support nature, we protect the territory, we educate our guests. Every person coming to Permapark can have a guided excursion and get to know the ecosystem, learn the basics of permaculture and organic design, up-cycle and zero-waste production.