design of the official booklet for SPA eco-complex

British Banya is a legendary place in Russia. People come to the south region from all around the country and abroad to experience traditional bathing and try modern local cuisine. Our client had a goal to explain their guests the philosophy of their brand and transfer the original aesthetics into the official booklet. We needed to apply our artistic vision to this design, as well as unite different products of the brand and show the variety of their services.

Graphic design, concept, style: Anton Semenov
Design supervision: Maria Massouh

British Banya's products and services are: bathing retreats and SPA, local cuisine restaurant, guesthouse and craft shop. Everything they do has their own style, textures and color palettes. We did our best to re-create their identity in editorial and digital format.

We used clay and tempera textures and printed the booklet on the soft-touch paper to transfer all the senses people experience when they are visiting this place. The layout repeats the forms of the building that has no corners and gently enswathe guests.